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Buttons/Links not working, weird

One moment site was working great, next moment complete chaos. haha. Any help would be most amazing.
Go ahead and try it out here -

Here is a video capture - showing a little of the process

And the read only link to the site in web flow - Read Only Site



And Just to clarify, the issue is with links within the navigation and the buttons for the forms through out the site. No response at all.

Hmm. When I check in preview mode they work.
When I select some buttons, they don’t have links specified in the link settings area. See attached.

Hmm weird, seems its deleted all my links - so I got the added back in. Thanks.

For the “Join waiting list” Button, its a interaction that is supposed to launch my Modal wrapper. Again was working totally normal and perfect, but isn’t now. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks again

  • Chris

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