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I have a website that I have built for a client and heard from them today that the site is not working for them. I have told them to try a different browser and clear their cache but that is not working. For some reason it works for me, so I am unable to determine why it isn’t working. I have asked multiple people to test it and it does not work for them. Any help with this would be greatly appreciate!


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Works fine for me. Can you be any more specific about the reported issue - what do you mean by “not working”?

I have attached a screenshot that I have received. This is what they see when they open the page. Apparently they have tried Chrome, Safari and IE. I have no idea why it isn’t working for them, or other people.

Well, it’s working for me too, regardless of browser desktop and mobile.
If it’s just your client, there’s a plethora of reasons why they can’t access the site. Could be misconfiguration in their network or firewall

Have you asked them if they turned it off and on again?

Do they have it personal? On what scope is the issue? Just their network or their mobile phones too with WiFi off?
Can they provide error logs from their browser?

This is so strange. I just reached out to them and this is their response -

“It’s saying it cannot establish a secure connection to the server. I wonder if this has any relation to all the spam messages we have been getting.”

I’d assume this is entirely on their end as I have no issues on my end either. @RDaneelOliwav mentioned it already, but they need to check on a number of devices with varying connections (wifi, wired, mobile data) to pinpoint the issue.

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The secure connection warning can pop up if the site has no https
Since your page appears to have it, webflow provides this by default, maybe your customer typed the address without www or https and there is no redirect to https set up?

That was it! I will set up the redirect. Thanks so much!!

You are very welcome! Glad it’s resolved

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