Button to Spotify

So im making a CMS wtih albums that will include tracks, within the CMS (or outside) is there a way to create a button that will link to spotify that will take the user directly to that song that was clicked on.

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This is more issue of spotify (On webflow you only do “copy-paste” of code from spotify - learn about: custom code or embed code)

Anyway when you embed spotify song/album/playlist - by default the songs clickable to “song-page”.



For specific answer - add more details (Why this is CMS issue?)


In general go to any song you want - find the url - and bind this URL to your webflow CMS items (Add field “spotify song url” and use this url for your collection buttons).


Thanks, I am still having issues implementing the tracks into my cms items and site. Still playing around with it but do u have any video tutorials that can show me as well.

Hi Ronald, did you find a solution for this problem? I also want to add a Spotify playlist to cms items. Thanks in advance.