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How to create a button which will call on a single Item in a CMS Collection


Pretty new to web flow but couldn’t find a tutorial on this.

I am trying to create a section on my website which will display the information (of one item) within my CMS collection (which contains 5 + items). The information would display upon clicking the different buttons on my page.

Any help would be appreciated.

Public Link

watch my site i am working on currently.
On the Landing Page under the Section 3.
The name of the Artist is taken from my Collection list


Thank you for your response. However…

Is there a way which you can press a separate button and have the name of the artist change?

(On my website) I am trying to have information display on the right side of the dark grey box when the user clicks a ‘Recent’ topic on the left side list. Would you (or anyone else) know how to do this?