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Button Color In Nav Bar

Hey Crew,

I’m having trouble with the button stylings I’ve assigned to the APPLY button in the top right of my nav bar. They are there for the home page, but not for others (Alberta, and Blog) despite having assigned the duplicate class ‘special’ which should sync the styling. Thanks so much for your help!


Yeah this happened to me once. Don’t waste time trying to figure this out, just delete all except the one from the home page, and create new ones for the other pages. You only have a few pages, I wouldn’t troubleshoot only a few buttons. Add them fresh from the main parent home button.

Classes that get, I don’t what you can call it - stuck in internet cyber twilight zone or something. Here’s what I would do:

  1. Delete all the the other apply buttons, except home page button.
  2. Go to home - write down or notate the styles to recreate.
  3. Delete the class from it, not rename, Delete.
  4. Go to clean up styles, remove the old button names.
  5. Start fresh on home button. Then add 2 new ones.

Much easier and faster than troubleshooting by double clicking symbol, unlinking, combing through each css setting, going back to Alberta page, double clicking that symbol, etc, etc. It’s probably not worth all that, since it’s 2 or 3 buttons. :grin:

Hey @garymichael1313 I’m still unable to figure this out. I tried your suggestion to no avail. Just want the button to maintain in the top right across all pages. I’m actually even a step further away now, as I tried adding a link to the button and the styling then disappeared completely. Grr!

Sorry for the late response. Did you fix this issue? Just wanted to check and make sure.

Yes, got it! Thanks @garymichael1313 . I had to make a button and drag it into the navigation bar.

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