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Bulleted list font appears larger than normal rich text paragraphs

Hi everyone,

When I view a published blog post with a bulleted list inside the rich text field, the font appears larger than the surrounding paragraphs. I’ve tried poking around the editor but am new to Webflow and hope it’s an easy fix. Any help appreciated!

Here is my public share link: Webflow -

HI @tobinreed and welcome, here is short video how to solve your problem.

Thank you Stan for taking the time to show the solution! I’m still a little curious why I had to set it to 14pt font when Id’d like all of my main text to be 18pt.

hi @tobinreed it because RTE is separate element that doesn’t inherit any global styling. If you will spend some time and investigate how RTE works you will find that RTE have 14px set as basic font size this mean you have to manually set all styles you need in RTE element it self. I will recommend to read/watch how to work with this element on Webflow University.