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Built-in website localization/translation features

Couldn’t resist drafting something.

Orange color would point to pages with elements not in sync (text elements that remain unedited after language duplicate page).

You would have the option to let a page in full sync (only being able to edit text blocks and images) and to break the sync to add custom content for language specific page. If you could manage both the sync and custom content working at the same time I’d praise your skills all over the web. (I’m kidding, I already do that).

Thanks for listening!


Totally agree with @vincent ! After seeing this, I personally think it’s a must!

Have you guys checked out:


Yes, it’s great for clients’ sites that do not engage in SEO. But for anyone who does, this solution is not optimized. It uses javascript, and like @Brandon said in that thread, until Google starts crawling JS, this translated content is basically lost from the Index.

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Great news, folks! Google is beginning to crawl basic Javascript, which means that Localize is SEO-friendly (at least in some small way!). We have a fully-supported SEO solution for sites that are self-hosted.

By the way, we’re running a promotion for Webflow users – one month extended trial, with up to six months at no charge. Simply message our support team to learn more and get started!

Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s our integration guide. =>


Could you share this project as (*read-only) ? Thus i can see how you built this. Because i am trying to customise the widget and implement it in the Navbar.

nice! i really need this feature

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this is such a must have!