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Building a site like this possible?

Big fan of the site Justin has for his personal website. He had it designed in stamatic? Would building something similar work in webflow? And if so, best practices?


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Indeed it looks like built in statamic - which is somewhat similar to a wysiwyg editor - like wix and many others which are built on custom PHP or JavaScript engines…

Webflow is different since all it is, is an interface/GUI for CSS/HTML (and its own jquery interaction engine) with an ability to add JS/jquery etc…

In anycase without getting into technicalities - YES - it is pretty easy to build a site like JJ’s.

The best practice would be to just do it… play around with webflow - you will see that it would be pretty easy (and fun) to do it!

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Appreciate that. I figured it could be done :slight_smile: but do you have a recommendation to format it so that ‘bio/headshot/etc’ is on the left side as on his and other content in middle and right is empty space?

just make two divs/columns and give them positioning how you want it

Sounds good. I’ll try it out.