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Building a Buyback website in webflow


I am looking at building a buyback website where by you can trade in your iphone and then get cash. something like or

Is this possible if i add an ecommerce funtionality . need some ideas

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Bjoneswebservices
Josh from Foxy here. While there is no user/members functionality available in Webflow yet, Foxy alongside Webflow’s CMS and Designer may be able to pull off what you need. Feel free to post (or email) your specific functionality needs and we can help you determine if it’s a good fit or not.

Josh (

Thank you for replying. i was just looking for a functionality to add a buyback site just like the links shared in the original post.

Yes and no.

If you want to have the entire thing coded & hosted within Webflow’s CMS, then no - not yet.

If you want to build out the UI & functionality, use Webflow to handle the html/css/jquery, export the code, then hand over to (more advanced?) back-end developers than yourself to implement a CMS, login system & ecommerce functionality then yes.

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