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Build custom deployment engine

We’re onboarding for a backend engineer or team of to build out a custom deployment engine for webflow. The tool would need to take a production ready publish event/package and deploy it to customer internal hosting, not to webflow hosting.

We know these solutions exist and are possible & have some insight into what the infrastructure would need to look like. If you have experience here or the right skill set to assist us on the project please don’t hesitate to DM! We are looking to onboard at your earliest convenience.

Check this video out, it lays out the basic approach you’ll need to take with any hosting service you decide to use:

You can then build on top of that with webhooks so the deploys are automatic, and further customize it to match your needs.

If you still want to hire someone, why not talk to the creator of that video? @jasondark , this might be of interest to you mate :wink:

Nice find @Jeandcc, thanks, I’ll check it out.

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@AdamD Hi Adam, do you have detailed requirements scope document and budget for this project?