Hiring for 2x webflow developers for a 2 week project with ongoing work

Hi All,

We are onboarding for 2 webflow engineers to help us ship a refresh project inside of 2 weeks. It’s possible we will stretch to a 3rd engineer.

It’s important that the selected engineers can work as a team and coordinate the rollout of the project to ensure smooth delivery and a clean and consistent codebase.

The project is focused on shipping a refreshed brand site. As pages come out of design they will be shipped to the development team for immediate deployment. There will be around 10-15 pages in total.

We need to get this project completed in 2 weeks hence the requirement for 2 developers.

Post-launch the project will pivot into a deeper and longer development cycle where we will build and roll out new initiatives that will be bought to life on webflow. There will be 2 additional projects that will also rollout and we’ll need your support there as well. There’s a lot of ongoing work available.

We are based on the UAE timezone. You don’t have to be online throughout the entire timezone but it’s important you are available to crossover in order to sync with the rest of the team.

If you’re interested to find out more please either leave a comment below with a few examples of the work you are most proud or send the same in DM along with the best way to contact you.


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Hello @AdamD

I’ve already applied through Upwork, but I thought that’d be a good chance for you to see my Webflow forum profile for cross-referencing! If you’re not sure which Upwork application I am, it’s the one with this personal website: https://bavlifyweb.com

Have a fantastic day!

Hi! I am a web designer and webflow developer with extensive knowledge in everything web-related including javascript-based animations and advanced features. My general mission is to concentrate on business-related problem solving while developing my projects. I can make your website look outstanding, perform swiftly and sell your services while attracting new customers.

Take a look at my portfolio website that I build in Webflow - Unique and result-oriented websites!

Hi! Would love to help out :slight_smile:

Here’s my portfolio here.

Hey Adam!

I work on a startup where we are building a decentralized marketplace for experts in modern no-code tools. So far we have a directory with top Webflow devs. You can check it out here & message the one you would love to hire directly. Also, you can post your project at Heep & we`ll happily match you with a handpicked expert (as not all of them are showcased in the discovery page).

Hope you`ll find it helpful!