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Bugs on Site Statistics


i have a little problem with my stats i know that my website are visites but en my Site Statistics it’s 0 everywhere.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @Mood,

What do you use for statistics? can you share a read-only link with us?

i use the webflow stats

Hey mood, sorry I missed your answer.
What do you mean “The Webflow stats”?

Project Settings -> General - Site Statistics

I am pretty sure that a zero is the case for everyone. It is for the sites of mine I just checked (I don’t currently rely on it).

@PixelGeek - Any info on this?

Same for me… it used to track, but not anymore.

I asked about the accuracy of the built-in stats a while ago. The consensus seemed to be that they have never been very accurate. Would be helpful to have a basic overview for websites that don’t need extensive tracking. Otherwise, there are alternatives to google analytics you can install very easily as well.

Hi @sarahfrison and all, there is an open issue with the site statistics where those are not showing any stats.

Our team is working to resolve this issue with the stats but in the meantime I would sugggest to use google analytics as a more comprehensive tool to get site visitor counts, see here:

As soon as there is an update with the site stats, I will provide an update.

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Hi @sarahfrison @DomenVi @webdev @avivtech @Mood

​Thank you again for posting out about the site statistics issue.

​I wanted to follow up with you all to let you know our team pushed an update and the issue has been resolved.

​Thanks very much for your help in reporting this issue! :bowing_man:


What’s the latest on bots and our own visits being included with the stats? According to webflow stats one of my sites had 25686 views this past 30 days. I got to about 160 or so with other analytics software.

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