Traffic Statistics


i could not find any information about this in the help sections or google.
so i am asking here.

Are there any more Traffic Statistics i can get for free? ( i know i can integrate google analytics to the source code if i pay and use the custom code editing option)

i am currently searching for a job and im very interested in seeing who saw my demo page. and if relevant people saw it.

Thanks in advance.

What traffic statistics data are you seeking?

Google analytics has a lot of information and there is a free version. see ( )

Hi. i know the google analytics free version. but i need to play webflow in order to integrate the google analytics code.

Right now on my site settings page i can see some statistics. im seeking a little extra information. for example. when where those views or where where they from and if they where from a desktop or mobile ( due to complications my mobile version looks significantly worse than the desktop version.

My apologies, I misread your question.

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