Google Analytics different from Webflow project stats

The Webflow Project statistics show a much higher hit rate for both Logons and Webpages than Google Analytics. This has been going on for weeks now. Has anyone else had this problem?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey John! Welcome to the forum!

I thought so too, here’s the reported data of a small counselling firm from the last 30 days:

I very much doubt the accuracy, maybe WF uses a different definition or method of gathering the data.

However, are those numbers really important, if you deploy analytics anyway?

Thanks for the feedback. I have problems believing the Google Analytics numbers because they only show North America users. I do know that I have followers in India and across Europe. I’m really confused as I will need to begin monetizing the site in the next few months. The web site is the Customer Service Journal ( and I was originally publishing on Adobe Catalyst for a number of years.

Your site includes gtag 2x and analytics.js 1x

You can find a very detailed guide for how to resolve this here:

Feel free to inquire further, if things are unclear! :slight_smile:

You should also get started on getting gdpr compliant!

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