Bugs on customised Webflow Slider Element

Dear Community,
for the redesign of my own website I was so bold to heavily customise the default Webflow Slider to better suit the design of my own page. Until about a week ago it worked fine, but since then I’m experiencing bugs with custom animations in the slider progress indicators & the functionality of the slider arrows.
I noticed these bugs in Google Chrome & Safari.

Current behaviour

Expected behaviour

To my surprise, the bug behaviour is different between Google Chrome & Safari.
On Chrome for Desktop, the issue only seems to appear on first page load. After the second page load, the Slider works as expected.
On Chrome for mobile as well as Safari, the issues persists, though.

I’m actively debugging & trying to find out what could cause the issue, but I’d highly appreciate the collective knowledge of the Webflow community on this.

The page in question
(Staging Link. The Image Slider is towards the bottom of the page.)

Read-only Webflow link

SOLVED: Changing the load settings of the images in the slider from “Lazy Load” to “Eager” solved my issue. The custom slider behaves as expected again.

Thanks to Rachel from the amazing Webflow Support for helping me out here via email.