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Links, and Forms are not working after Full Screen Nav Open and Close

Hi there iam designing a page and i have some trouble with Modals/Full scren navs.
I have an Full Screen Menu in the body and if iam open and close it, my links and forms are not working anymore. Ive tried to give them objects a z-index over my navbar but this is not a good solution. The Result is that sometimes this objects overlaying my Navbar. The Navbar should fixed at top any time except when the Full Screen Nav opens. In the Desktop mode the problem will not attend clearly, you should switch to the smalles mobile device.

I havent figured out aswell to put the Nav Button over the Full Screen Nav.
Anyone can help ?

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi, @alidnd!

Thanks so much for reporting your issue. This definitely seems like odd behavior. I am investigating further and I will be post again here soon with more details!

Hi, @alidnd! Thanks again for reporting this issue. I did some more investigating and I was able to reproduce the issue on my end. Unfortunately, it looks like you’ve discovered a bug.

I have notified our team and passed along this information to our engineers. We’ll reach back out here as soon as we have a fix in place.

In the meantime, a workaround would be to rebuild the nav without using the native Webflow navbar element. I’m so sorry for any frustration this may cause.

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Hi, @rileyrichter! Thank you for your help. I’ll try the workaround but a bugfix would also be nice. First i will try it without the native navbar.

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Glad to help, @alidnd! As soon as I get more information from the team I’ll post back here and let you know.


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