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Bug: Undos take effect but don't show in the site


The past two days I encounter a very annoying bug when working in Webflow:

  1. I make a change eg. change text to all caps
  2. Text changes to all caps
  3. I change text to font size 12
  4. Text changes to font size 12
  5. I undo twice
  6. Text reverts to font size 14 but kees the all caps, even though in the setting it’s not listed as so.

No matter how much I undo/redo the bug stays. It’s the same with width and many other parameters. Very annoying for the workflow. I have to explicitly type in the original state for it to work.

Here is my site Read-Only: Preview only

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Yes, I’ve been noticing this too. Anytime I cmd + z to undo, the changes are not displayed.

Incredibly annoying, please fix if you can.

Same here. Some random crashes too.

Any response to this? It’s a major pain in working with Webflow

Please fix this, Webflow is my main tool at work…8 hours with a bug this big is very frustrating…Thanks!

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Any news on this topic. I have ongoing problems with undo (ctrl-z) in the webflow designer.


I have the same problem for the last two weeks. I have to reload the page to see the effects of undo-ing my changes.

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12 days of no reply is just silly with this fatal an error

Anything from webflow on this? I first put it down to a minor bug that normally occurs when a new element is being added by webflow themselves but this has gone on for a while now. As I use webflow 8 hours a day every day, it’s kind of driving me insane?

Hey there :wave:

This is a bug that is known and we are working towards pushing a fix. It’s been difficult to spot the cases, as with those steps @EmilVillumsen, I can undo perfectly fine. It seems there may be other factors at play, and finding those factors is proving difficult.

If you are able to reproduce the behaviour and have chance to share a screencast, it would be greatly appreciated. We’re working on narrowing it down, and I will post here once a fix is ready.

Thank you for your patience in the meantime, we truuly appreciate you all :pray:

Hi @Fonsume, there are no crashes directly linked to this that we’re aware of. If you’re able to reproduce any crashes, please fill out the form that pops up. Those bug reports do get read by our engineers, and any steps you can share to reproduce, can sometime help make sure they don’t happen again.

Same here… I have the same issues, can’t see what is undone and what isn’t… I think it’s going wrong when I use ctrl -z and after that the undo buttons on top.

Here’s a video recording of the error. It’s not related to any specific parameters as far as I can tell, happens all over.

What I did in the specific case:

  1. Justify items center
  2. Cmd-z
  3. Doesn’t revert back to stretch visually but does so in the Style panel

I have to manually click center and back to stretch again or other workarounds to have it take effect.

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