Bug SCALE effect on hero

I send you the link of my project:


At hero section you can find a “Scale Effect” with 5 photos…
I find that this scale effect enlarge the body’s width space as you can see at one of the screenshots i’ve attached (the another one is were I made the animation) (1.1)

Can someone help me please?
best regards

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/jardinfirulete?preview=68b631ba493cb932cdbe66cba5a6bf10
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Dear people,
I fixed this problem by setting position “relative” at hero.
now I have the problem on mobile devices, becouse it does not look good. If you open the preview on a mobile you will notice that my web does not go ok…

Thank you for your help!
best regards!

Fixed all!!! problem was that I had to set sections with VH and VW…

best regards!