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My transform effect doesn’t work in preview mode

The scale transform effect on the cards (link block 8) works well when I’m in design mode but in preview mode it doesn’t work any longer.

Somebody would have an idea?

My read only link: Webflow - Jessica Project

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey Karle,

When I access your page from the link you provided, the animations did not trigger. I am not sure why this is happening, it may be due to the way Webflow loads the project. When I view your project in edit mode and then toggle preview mode by clicking the eyeball the animations trigger successfully.

Have you tested a published version of your project?

First of all, I draw your attention that the problem is about the scale effects on the cards just bellow the hero section, not the rotate effects.
It’s true that when we access by the “read only link” neither the rotate effects on cards nor fading effects on the title hero section works. And I agree with your it’s probabely due to the way webflow download and it’s really too bad also. Nevertheless and to my surprise, the scale effect works well.

On the other hand, when I come back in edit mode and then toggle preview mode by clicking the eyeball the reverse happening. Rotate and fading effects works well but there is no longer scale effects.

Maybe this difference could help you to find the solution.

I haven’t not tested a published version because I made the first page only.

It’s very stange isn’t it?

I figured out a solution by adding a div block with scale effect inside the link block. So I think the problem was because link block already had an interaction set, it wasn’t possible to add it a transform effect.
Is there somebody wich could confirm in order I well understand what’s happenning ?

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