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Resize grid for mobile

Hey everyone,

I’m designing a homepage for a personal blog, and I’m trying to design with mobile-responsiveness in mind.

I’ve created the hero section, but I can’t seem to get it to resize properly for mobile. I know that there are adjustments I can make by clicking the mobile view, but is there a way in which I can restructure this hero section to make mobile responsiveness easier?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the help

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Hello @bugsyb,

I would suggest you to try to stay away from pixels for your widths and heights.
If you use pixels, you will have to change the values for every breakpoint. Instead just use auto, vw/vh, or percentages. That way your design will be more responsive, and you will not have to go too much back and forth between break points. There is a lot information about it at webflow university I hope this helps.