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Problem with collections columns


I have a major issue with a Latest News section on a client’s website. On certain browsers the columns don’t seem to work. See screen grab. Anybody got any ideas why this is not working properly?

Here is my public share link:


Your columns are not “columns” anymore, in the sens of being ROW widget columns. The ROW widget comes with a specific setup, and by giving the outer elment some FLEXBOX properties, you are now dealing with FLEXBOX columns.

Flexbox is cool, great and is the future of CSS layout, but at present times it’s either not supported byt certain browsers and subject to bug on some others.

As you can see it’s only a partial support on IE 11, and no support under IE 11 and EDGE 14.

Try to remove the flex property on the ROW element parent and see how it goes from there.

Hi Vincent,

Hope you’re well mate?

Thanks for your help in this matter. I’ve tried to do what you suggested and it still isn’t working :frowning:


This is how it’s now viewing in Safari? Images are not displaying at correct size.

Hi David! lol, I didn’t even noticed it was you :smiley:

I’m great, I hope you’re too.

I wish I could reproduce your bug… What was the browser for the first screen capture?

Ha Ha! Yes it’s me. I’m well thanks, just trying to sort this issue.

The first browser was tested in Opera, and the client is using IE (Not sure what version).

As long as your clients use IE don’t use Flexbox, that’s sad but that’s it.

Give your images 100%

Yeah that worked a treat! All looks good in Opera now. Will need to check with the client on IE.

Just can’t understand why the images are not viewing properly in Safari? (Second screen grab)

Typical defautl thing. Browser give defaults propetings to things, that’s a thing they do. For example when an image has no dimension, Chrome appears to give it width 100%. Which Safari doesn’t do apparently.

Can’t understand it, as the images were displaying correctly before?

Looks like I’ve fixed it Vincent. I had to place a new image holder for the News items, and that seemed to work. For now?


Please find screenshots of the iPad portrait where it’s position is wrong and a screenshot of the iPad landscape - correct.
The page in question is the Newsletter page.


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