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Bug issues I'm experiencing in the designer - Anyone else?

Hi Webflow Community,

Recently, I have noticed that when I log in to some of my projects, some things have been changed within the designer, and they are showing on the published site as well. Here are two examples:

Example 1 - Seedling Project

UPDATE: I emailed Webflow Support and this project’s issue has now been resolved

  • My hero image is now all the way to the right. It has never been like this, and I did not move it here. I also cannot move it back.
  • Read only link and live site
  • Also, here’s a screen cap that kind of shows everything

Example 2 - Sandbox Portfolio

  • My changes are not being saved on a form submit button when I update and remove the text on the button
  • Read-only link
  • This screencap kind of shows everything

Is anyone else seeing things like this happen recently? Tagging @webflow as it seems like a bug.

What was the resolution here? Was it a bug? I believe I also encountered something like this a few days ago.

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