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BUG - Editor is Unresponsive

All editor accounts on my site are unable to access the ‘Pages’ tab of the Editor. When you click on ‘Pages’, the following error comes up.

I’ve seen previous forum posts about this but there didn’t seem to be answers around how the issue was resolved for users? I’ve reached out to Webflow support, but my follow up emails have gone unanswered.

My team is very anxious for a fix on this - please help!

Read Only Link:

@gracewalker do you mind sharing your read-only link?

Hi there! Our support team is currently receiving a larger volume of support emails. They will get back to you as soon as possible and appreciate your understanding. Thank you Dylan for jumping in.

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Included in my original post now, Thanks Dylan!

Hi @gracewalker - my apologies for the delay. Are your collaborators able to access the Editor now?

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