The Editor is unresponsive for me and my client

My client and I are struggling to access the editor. I am getting an error saying “The Editor is Unresponsive”. This is only happening for this project, all my others seem to be working fine.

I am not sure what is causing the issue but its causing real issues for me and I need a solution asap.

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Hey Joe for systems issues like this, contacting support is your best bet.

However, since it’s happening for both you and your client, my guess would be that the problem might be a script that’s interfering with the editor’s ability to load?

I am having this same issue. I couldn’t find where to contact webflow customer support either. If anyone else has any suggestions, much appreciated.

@bbenson-pfl here’s that link-

I received the following reply for my ticket:

" Thanks for contacting us about the issues your clients are facing in the Editor. I’m sorry to hear about this frustrating experience!

Our team has identified an issue that is affecting the ability to edit static content in the Editor, and we’re investigating further to resolve the issue.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we work to get to the bottom of this. We’ll be following up with more updates soon!"

Hey all!

As Dave mentioned, the team are aware of this. Thanks for letting us know!

You can follow along and subscribe to updates at:


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