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Brutalist Webshop feat. no-code responsive auto-close accordion menu

Hello everyone!

I built a webshop for my apparel brand, my first and only site.
It took a looong time, as I started from scratch with subzero clue.
I was inspired to do it when I discovered Webflow, as I am a control freak and I was dazzled by the amount of design freedom. Let’s just say things only got more complicated after that…

I am most proud of figuring out a no-javascript, fully responsive auto-close accordion, for which I could not find instructions in the forums.

Please take a look! I am looking for feedback or suggestions, particularly for usability & speed.

I know my aesthetic is a little jarring, and though that is intentional, I’d like to know of any areas you think it really detracts from user experience.

Thank you in advance for your time! :webflow_heart:

My deepest gratitude goes to @webdev @vincent @sabanna @DFink @dram @finsweet for their precious contributions along the way :slight_smile:

Published site:



Very cool! Thanks for showing us the final product, kudos for your achievement :slight_smile:

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