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Browser history back script in button link setting no longer work?

I have used the “browser history back” trick that use a script in the button link settings that I originally found it here on several sites.

I never got the history.go()-1 script to work as described in the post, but javascript:window.history.go(-1); seemed to work fine. Now it has stopped working. In Chrome it sends me to an ‘about:blank’ page, in Firefox the button just dont work. I have checked that the ‘http://’ is not automatically added to the link.

Just me?

Can you try to add a ‘#’ character as the link destination instead of leaving it empty?

That didn’t fix the issue for me. Same issue as @Christoffer

That’s related to a more general target blank issue that webflow’s team just pushed a fix for.
I guess the javascript back is next in their fix list :wink:

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Thanks for the info. The Webflow team always seems to do a great job at resolve things quickly. Just wanted to make them aware of the issue.

Hi @Christoffer & @Jason_Green,

Yes, this may be a separate issue than the previous empty link one.

Would you be able to provide your Read-Only link for the affected project?

I’d be happy to take a look, and pass it on to our engineers.

I swapped the back button javascript in the “purchase tickets” workflow with direct links as a fix for now.

Read-Only Link:

Hi @Jason_Green,

I was able to create a clone of your project, and reproduce what you are experiencing.

Thanks for letting me know.

I have gone ahead and let our engineers know about the back-tick no longer working, and I’ll be able to provide an update as soon as one is available.

Yes, the best workaround at the moment is to use direct links.


Video embed in Rich Text is now gone…

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Hi @mistercreate

I had to find a solution immediately yesterday so I ended up using an embed element as a back button, for some reason that worked fine.

/* Embed element */
<button onclick="goBack()" class="BUTTON CLASS NAME"></button>

/* In Costom code */
function goBack() {

Also, I had a different bug yesterday where ‘div link’ elements inside collection lists stopped working (nothing happened when pressing the element). The ‘link div’ was connected to a collection field with a dropbox link. When replacing the ‘link div’ element with a button element, all was back to normal. I dont know if its related, just mentioning it since my back button bug in this post was in a collection template page… as in; collections was involved in both my bugs yesterday.

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Hi @mistercreate Any updates on this javascript back issue ?
Do we need to find a permanent workaround ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

@pepperclip no updates yet. If you are under a time crunch it may be good to implement a workaround like @Christoffer did.

Thanks for your patience!

ok thanks for the info !

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@Christoffer @donaldsv @Jason_Green @pepperclip

Just a quick update — a fix for this issue is currently going through QA. We should have the fix deployed soon.

I’ll continue to keep you all updated as we make progress!


Hi @Christoffer @donaldsv @Jason_Green @pepperclip

The fix for this should be deployed today everyone :tada:

If you are still unable to use the “`” to remove the https:// from the link field by tomorrow morning, please let me know and we can investigate this further.

Thanks again for your help and patience on this.

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Hi @Brando ,

The problem is not being able to add ` to remove the http://
Its more that, as of this week, writing javascript:history.back() in the link is useless because it now triggers a target blank rather than going back…

The idea was to use the webflow link element to do this :

<a href="javascript:history.back()">Go Back</a>

Hi and thank you in advance :slight_smile:

http://javascript:history.back(); is no longer working when pasted in the link url field (see screenshot below)


Click on any of the work on and then try the close button “X”… it takes one a blank page screen.

A “back” method is the best way for this interaction since we also have thumbs on the homepage that one can go to, so it would not be taking one back to the same place every time.

  • I understand that this is not technically a bug since it is “custom code,” but it was working just fine and now it’s not. Also, listing something as a bug seems to be only way to get a quick response on the forums these days.

A workable alternative that sends one back to where they came from would be great and essential!



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