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Adding javascript to a menu button to create a back link

2 things:

(1) I can no longer see the Link Settings for the menu button of any of my portfolio pages like this one

(2) One was able to implement the “back” javascript solution shown here less than a year ago How to setup back button?

I’ve provided an idea if you guys insist on making people using http in the Link Settings:

Until then, is there a way to manually insert this somehow in the Custom Code section?..not having an easy way to do this, like there once was, is really frustrating, seriously.



Hi @nathanphilsteele

  1. Menu buttons never had link settings, they only open a menu. You can use a link block instead of the Menu button if you want to create a link.

  2. You can use the code (see below) from that post in the url link field in the link settings.


Just paste the code with the “`” at the start and press outside the field anywhere inside the settings panel.

Note that pressing enter will add an http:// which you do not want.

​Hope this is helpful.

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Thank you! @AnnaKelian

That did the trick!



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