Broken Navigation?

not sure if I really need help or if there is a problem with the designer.

Yesterday I left the page just like it should be on
As i logged in today the menu was totally “disrupted”.
Interesting fact: a copy of the page - being my backup - was completely untouched but has the same issue.

Hence: is it me or the designer tool?

Thanks and cheers

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Navigation seems ok on the designer

And doesn’t resolve…

What should we look for?

Hi! oh…that is really strange. Sorry!

When I look at the preview link - everything is ok. But in edit-mode it looks like this.

So honestly I do not know what is wrong.

I want to add: publishing it again, it looks ok. But I cannot work within the designer - scrolling is impossible.

To me it’s ok.

Can you try in a Incognito Chrome window, and in another browser like Safari?

Thanks Vincent, the “fun” thing is:
If I look at it via the preview-link it is ok.
But if I access the designer from my dashboard…see above.
I cannot proceed working -> cannot scroll down or anything :frowning2:

Possible causes:

  • browser cache
  • browser extension
  • operating system something

So try

  • reboots
  • changing browser
  • cleaning every cache, login everything history…

Have you tried all that?

Hi, I did not switch browsers. Rest is what I tried…
Will let you know.

Firefox not supported :wink:
Safari works…seems to be a problem with my browser cache, login everything…

Thanks for your support!

Firefox: normal. Webflow designer runs on Webkit so Chrome and Safari that is.

This issue looks like interesting.Powerful

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