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Broken images on collection item update if it was originally published throught the API

I’m creating this issue as a reference, I have also contacted Webflow support about this. I’ll update the thread with any responses I might get.

When a collection item is published through your public API (or Zapier), the content can include images with any src. Yet when you update that item and publish it afterwards from Webflow itself all images are broken.

Original URL:

After update & publish:

I see 2 possible solutions to this bug:

  1. Webflow sideloads all incoming images and hosts them on
  2. Webflow stops transforming image URL’s when the source is not a webflow domain (here:

Also created a wishlist idea for this as well.

I received a response from Webflow support. It appears they are no immediate plans to solve this (2 year old) bug.

This is a bug we are aware of when rich text content has images with external refs are imported into the Webflow CMS, as you've noticed when the post is updated in Webflow the image URLs are then updated to urls referencing the Webflow CDN (leading to an error as there is no image loaded there).

At the moment, the only workaround is that the image will need to be re-uploaded inside the Webflow CMS on affected items.

I don't have a timeline of when an improvement will be implemented, but I have recorded your instance as a reference to the item we have related to this

Gregory, if we only use storychief to edit the content inside a CMS item – there are no problems, right?

Hey @Ricardo_Giuliani
That’s correct. The issue is clearly coming from the rich text editor of Webflow. If the richt text content is updated whithin Webflow, it will break all image URLs.

Ok, we’ll steer clear from that. It’s helpful to know! We will rely on storychief and custom fields alone!

We tried posting images in this format: // instead of in the hope that would be a workaround, but sadly it isn’t.

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