Branding and marketing help

Hi there. I wonder if anyone could share on tips or advice on the following. I’m currently learning SEO, branding, digital marketing for my own web design company/agency I want to grow. I’m finding, however, there is simply too much to get through and spreading myself too thin. For example, I learned that creating backlinks to your site is a great way to increase your authority score and therefore SEO. So I went to simply add my business to directories. I’m not lazy, far from it. However, there are hundreds and I have courses and SEO to learn as well as keep improving my design skills.

Has anyone got any advice that may help? I know there are no shortcuts. I was about to look into hiring a digital marketer to take control of Social Media and attempt to make my company omnipresent. Ironically I’ve named my company Online Presence! :joy:

Any help would be incredible! :pray:t3:

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Building a network is not such a simple activity. It is a severe lead-generation strategy that requires thought and planning to succeed. Get into the habit of scheduling your actions and analyzing the results. This will help you steer your efforts in the right direction. You can start using Online growth at Understand that networking is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Take the time to build relationships with the people you are interested in. Take the initiative to invite them to a face-to-face meeting so you can get to know them.