Bottom Row in Footer?


I was wanting to design a footer similar to this one:

and I’ve been able to do most of it faithfully, apart from the T&Cs + Privacy Policy bar/row at the bottom.

Here is my current site Read-Only: LINK

My work on the footer is at the bottom of the page (of course), I just can’t figure out how to get a similar bottom row. According to the inspo website’s source code, it uses a nav tag, but I don’t know if this is of any relevance.

If anyone could help, I’d be so grateful! Thank you.

Oh and just to add, the empty third column in the footer will be used for a “back to top” button! Very much a work in progress right now, haha.

Add a div?

AHHHH. I am still learning Webflow and felt I’d tried everything lol, thank you so much. Facepalming right now, but very appreciative!

The most important thing is that you understand the priciple. You can recreate any layout using just flexbox, by decomposing things. Everything is a flexbox with 2 or 3 elements, nested in another flexbox, nested in another etc.

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