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Border opacity not working


I have a few list items with a left border. Now I want to give the last list item a subclass where I want to give the left border an opacity of 0%. It’s not working since yesterday ( i think there’s been a few updates). Whenever I try to change the border opacity, the border forces to 1 pixel and BLACK.

Please help.

Here’s a short video to see the problem:

Hi @rowan, thanks a lot for the report on this. I created a new site and was not able to reproduce this issue.

Are you 1. Still experiencing the issue, and 2. If you are, could you paste the read-only link to the site, or submit the information about this issue to ?


No it’s not fixed yet.
I’m working on a project now, but can’t share that link here.
But I just recreated it in simple exmaple:

1 div block with a fat left border.

Then another div block with the same class and all the same settings, but with a subclass where I want to change the left border color. As soon as I hit the opacity settings of that left border color, the complete border settings reset.


Hi thanks Rowan, I could not see the subclass in the first test, I will test again :smile:


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