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Border Box Problems (row)


could anybody please help me with that issue?

As you can see there is a row with 3 columns but the wrong border box model is used because the edges on the left and right side are not in one line with the upper elements.
How can I fix that? :smile:

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Hi @Hause, thanks for your post. Could you share the site read-only link:, we can take a look how the layout is setup :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

thank you for your help!


What seems to be an issue? I can’t find anything odd beside the columns aving 13px margin. Would that be what you’re looking for? If you change margin-top to 0 for those 3 columns you should then add a padding-top for the section.

@bartekkustra please see the picture, I filled in two lines. The problem is that the upper elements of the page have a differnet “left line” than the three columns next to each other.
The margin-top 13px is ok.

Oh I see now.

I’ve added a class to .w-row object in Webflow and I’ve changed the padding-left and padding-right from 0 to 10. That should do the trick :)

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@bartekkustra Thank you so much, that works fine at the desktop version - and for the smartphone versions I just changed the padding to 0px again :smile:

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:slight_smile: You’re welcome. Good luck with your project! :)

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