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Transition on Background color not working

It seems that when i’m trying to add transition on a background color change, it won’t work.
Iv’e tried adding transitions to other properties like font color and position and they work just fine.
Even when I choose “transition > all properties”, the background color isn’t affected.
Either i’m doing something wrong or it’s buggy.


Hi @matanbe, thanks for the report about the transition. I am not exactly clear how you are setting that up, can you help to share the project read-only link?

Here for example is a site with a background color change with transition set:

Does the transitition work for you on that public site? If you can help to share the site link, the page and which elements on the page, that will help.

Thanks in advance

Hey Dave,
Here is a test I just made:

It’s working on the site you just send me.
I think iv’e set up everything right and for some reason the effect just not working.


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