Imposible to center row (with columns)


I´m trying the app for the first time today. There´s something killing me, I have a 4 columns element which automatically place a row above and wrap it up. I want my row to have a max-width of 320px and to be centered. Even if I set the margins left and right to auto, the row never centers. I´ve been inspecting the code in the preview and the -10px value that the row class sets automatically for the left and tight value overrides the auto margins on my custom class. I cannot place an “important!” here or at least I didn´t find it.

So what´s the solution? This is so basic that I can´t understand why is so difficult. I tried to place a div between the row and the columns but the app doesn´t allow me to do this

Please, hep this brother out :smile:

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Some screen shots of the output and the code. I want those badges centered :smile:

Now is public :slight_smile: You can see it here:

Hi @HectorCalleja !

Thanks for the link, that is the published site link, which is needed also, so thanks for that :slight_smile: To look at this, we also need the site Read-only link which you can get from Site Settings:

Thanks in advance !

This is the link

Another question: can I make more complex menus with this tools, like off-canvas menus, overlaying payes and stuff like this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @HectorCalleja, Thanks for the link. On your other questions, yes, you can create off-canvas menus that will use interactions to slide or fade or otherwise appear on the page when scrolling if that is what you mean.

Take a look at the interactions page, to get an idea of just some of the kinds of interactions you can make:

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Hi guys!

Can anybody help me regarding my initial question? I can´t center a simple container with a max-width!!!


Hi there @HectorCalleja, sorry for the delay, are you still having an issue? I checked and now the badges appear to be centered:

Yes, that´s because I eliminate the max-width. Check now, the problem is still there!!!

Any help cyberdave?


Hi @HectorCalleja,

Check out my video, change your row and column structure a bit and give your images a class to center those using left and right margin set to Auto:

I hope this helps. Cheers, Dave

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