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Possible margin bug?

Hey guys, absolutely loving Webflow so far. Coming across a possible issue with some margins being automatically set and not being able to fix them. Take a peek at this screenshot and let me know if you’ve seen this before:

As you can see, I have .hero (has 10 padding all around) with a 2 column unit inside. However, the 2 column unit (seen as “row”) is not obeying the 10 padding set by .hero. In fact, it’s going a step further and setting -10 margin on it by default. When I try to assign the row to a class and change the margin it doesn’t alter the width at all. It is stuck taking up the full width of .hero.

Any help would be appreciated.


Could we see the Troubleshooting Link?


certainly, here is the link:

Ok, I’ve taken a look and it seems to me like it is now working - could have been a bug that is now fixed or, more likely you just need to close the tab and re-open the editor in a new tab.

So exit the tab or your browser and re-open it.

Hope this helps,

Hmmm, I’m still seeing the same issue even after quitting my browser and restarting it. Here is another screenshot showing that the Row has -10 margin left and right by default. the hero unit looks fine and works for me the way I want it. It is the Row inside the hero that is acting up.

I’m also having some problem with this. When adding a row inside a container I have 10px outside on left and right side of the container. Don’t know how to fix that.

thanks for bumping this up. I think it fell down the list for a while :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same problem here:

The Row inside de Conteiner do not obey padding and has a margin that does not leave -10px

Hi @lucaspchara, thanks for the screencast! We would still need to look at the site’s structure to help diagnose the margin issue. Can you please email us at with your site’s name? Thanks!