Bootom margin in absolute positioning

Hi I have problem and I don’t know how to resolve it.
In first section I have two boxes (divs). White box is positioned absolute to first one (with the picture of truck) - to ba always in the half of bootom border of first one.

The problem is that the next section should start 80px lower than the white box ends and I can use margin here (absolute positioning).
Of course I can put some empty div in the bootom of first box and make its high equal to white box heigh - but when I do this - on responsive white box is scaling text and become higher when this “placeholder div’s” heigh is stil the same (no text here)

How to make that next section will always start 80ox after white box Ewen when it will enlarge ?

Think about it in a different way

Here’s an example Webflow - positionining over photo

The card and the following part are both in the same section, which is set to relative and moved up overlapping the previous section

Let me know if it helps

Thanks for solution.
It works in some way - I can move up box by dedicated space - fe. 100px. But I wanted that exactly half of heigh of white box is placed on the bootom boarded of image. Of course I can do this manually but when someone will change text on white box I’ ll have to change margin parameter too.
Also when I resize window - it won’t be in the half of white box.

hmm… I see your point…

I’ll give it a longer think and let you know if I got another suggestion :slightly_smiling_face: