Booking + Payment System for Short/Long Term Stays at Retirement Home

Hello everyone! I’m a little stuck and would appreciate your help.

A client wants a booking system on their website for their high-end elderly care home, this is basically what they want:

  • They offer several rooms and short and long term stays, so the service should accommodate users that want one or the other.
  • They want to have a booking calendar that blocks the dates and times when rooms are occupied.
  • They also want to be able to take payments from the booking stage.
  • For the moment they only have one location, but plan on growing all around the country, so I’d like to find an option that can expand at a later date.

I’ve been reading solutions to similar situations in the forums but after researching them I’m not sure any of them does everything my client needs and can also be easily implemented into their Webflow site I’m developing for them (also, would they need an ecommerce hosting plan for these functions to work?). I’m very much a beginner so I’d appreciate it very much it if anyone can guide me through this, as all the options are a little overwhelming.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @almaguermarcelo.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after is possible with our seamless Webflow integration:

The setup is pretty straightforward. You’ll have a CMS collection for rooms and another for bookings.

On the rooms detail page, you’ll have a Foxy add to cart/booking form (built with Webflow’s form builder). In this form you’ll add a date picker (ie: Flatpickr). Customer chooses desired date(s) for that room and proceeds to checkout.

Payment is made and Make or Zapier is used to send booking info to the bookings CMS collection. Using a little javascript and a collection list on the rooms page, booked dates are blocked from the date picker (for future customers).

Things can be taken further with locations and other options. Here to help if you have any follow up questions or need help getting started: