Booking page for party bus?


I am looking for a booking page that can have 2-3 slots per day available for customers to choose. Needs to be 7 days a week and so the customer can pick the day and time frame. But that time frame then needs to show unavailable to everyone so no one else books that same time for that specific bus. There will be 4 buses and 2-3 slots per day per bus. Anyone have an option for this? Google calendar won’t work for this.

Also I need to have a contract sign to agree pop up after they select their time frame and for it to come to the payment page. Is this possible?

Ideally I want it to be similar to the site but with only four buses

This stinks, no one knows…

You could design it in webflow, but would need some sort of booking system/external code to achieve what you’re looking for.

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How can I do that? Would you be able to help me with this?

The design part is easy, its how to link the “Booking software” which could be the complicated issues.

I suggest googleing “booking system” and seeing what is around.

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