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Blue line missing when moving/ nesting elements in the navigator

I no longer see the blue lines when moving elements around, anybody else noticed that?

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You probably accidentally hid your element edges. Make sure “Hide Element Edges” is not selected. The icon should be white and not gray.

I am referring to the blue line in the navigator pane, not in the working area. It is the blue line which appears when you are putting an element in between two other elements in the hierarchy.

Sorry. I misunderstood. :slight_smile:

So have you noticed this strange behaviour?

No. It’s doing fine on mine.

This also happened yesterday over here, seems to work OK now. Maybe it’s a bug when some specific actions have been made…not sure

Hi all!

Thanks for the heads up. We are currently working on this issue. Once we have an update, we’ll post a reply on this thread.



This issue has been fixed :slight_smile: Thanks again for the heads up everyone


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