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Blog using tabs?


Just a quick question:

I’ve integrated a good looking blog on my site, but have used the tabs feature so users can easily flick through the posts all on one page on my site.

Are there any drawbacks to building a blog this way, as opposed to, say, having one page of blog titles that the user clicks on and each blog post is on a different page?

Thoughts please!


Can you share a link so we can take a look.

Hi jdesign,

I will do when it is done, but at the moment it is still a work in progress.

Just really wanted to know people’s thoughts on if there are any drawbacks using the tabs feature solely for the blog. i.e. blog titles on the tab, the content in the tabs pane.


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Make sure your “full nodes” (ie posts), entities with title+content, are in a div tagged “Article”, and there’s little difference from a teaser list + individual page posts.

Thanks @vincent .

So, the “Article” div should include the title and content of the blog itself, which is in the Tabs Content Pane? Is this for SEO purposes?

It how HTML5 works. You give tags to divs to tell browers, engines and softwares what the content is. The Article tag tells everyone that these contents are to be listed like a RSS would list content of a news or blog site. It must be good for SEO purposes too. Although I’m not an expert (:

Engines don’t see your tabs, they don’t know they’re tabs. They see divs and they need tags to know what’s inside… is it content, navigation, menu… Google “HTML5 tags” and read about them (:

It is for browsers, SEO and accessibility. Assistive devices can read those tags and take a user to the content they want. Like skipping over the nav element and going right to an article.

Damn you’re right @Davidn I forgot accessibility, and it’s important… more important today when we go all graphic on our trendy pages.