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Simple website only with tab panel

Hi Guys!
Im new to Webflow and wondering if it will be a good practice to build a entire website using only the Tab panel, covering full height and width of the browser window. It’s a small site with 4 sections.

Will this be good for SEO?
How will google link the site?
Or should i just create a scroll down page with 4 sections?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Jeam, I think this category should be under SEO help. Since you are wondering about the SEO advantages of your site. Naming the right topic will help direct the professionals at SEO to your question so you will receive a quicker reply. :wink:

Thanks mate! for your help will change the category

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Invisible content is also invisible to SEO according to Google. Some discussion came up a while ago related to this and components that hide content from view and how Google views and analyzes content (hummingbird algorithm 2013). I will search for the thread and the article/interview and post a link if I can locate it, but I am sure everything has changed in 2+ years.

I made a quick alternative to tabs that uses interactions and scroll instead of visibility at that time. I think in the end they are the same though. If Google cannot see it - it doesn’t exist?

Great question @Jeam.

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