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Blog Tag List Not Linking Back to Blog Collection

Hi, I’ve created a blog and am using tags with a tag categories template. I also use categories. My tag collection page is listing the proper blog posts but is not linking back to the articles. This is not the case with categories which works fine. I’ve compared the two templates and the settings and interaction effects look the same so not sure why the post listing on the tag collection is not linking back. Thoughts?

example of tag page -
example of category page -

My guess is that it’s pointing to an ID vs the actual page. So all the links are pointing to the page it’s already on?

Instead of using an ID for the “in page” linking, you would want to point to the actual article.

I’d like to do that, but it’s not clear how to do that with tags. Again, the categories page works perfectly - but where in the settings to I make those tag links point to the blog pages vs # anchor links in page?

I found the issue and fixed it. Had to assign the link block to the current blog post in the tags template. thanks!