Blog Seo heading concern

Hello everyone. I have an issue i’d like to get insights / help.
Normally whenever i post blogs on my Webflow website i usually set title of the blog to h1 but these past few times regarding SEO perspective i want to set title of the blog to h2.
I am using webflow CMS feature. Every information of the blog is getting fetched from cms blog.
Is this possible?

Here’s the one of blog page’s link:
Here’s a snapshot of the title of the blog:

Hi Ashar,

It looks like your heading is a standalone heading element. Just select it in the designer, click settings, and then H2.

@memetican Yeah I know that. When you are using the CMS for blog posting. You can’t simply do that because the blog title is by default set to h1 by webflow. I want to overwrite that. The rest of the blog post content can be easily set to with whatever settings you’d prefer.

No, Webflow doesn’t create any elements at all “by default”. When you create a new page that body is entirely blank, and that goes for collection pages as well.

What do you see when you click the element and view settings?

You might need to share your readonly link if you’re still confused about how to change that.

okay. What about if i want to change the title of one blog post that is connected to many other in the same CMS collection to h2 without disturbing the whole CMS blog collection. Can that happen?

Here’s an example.

The blog usual setting:
title tag - h1, first heading inside the blog post is h2

The blog new setting:
title tag - h2, first heading inside the blog post is h1

Now we both know that the content inside the blog post is in richtext element of CMS. You can’t edit it properly. I want to work around it. Can this be done?

Still trying to guess your layout and element structure and what you’re trying to do.
As I said before, you need to share your project readonly link.

But if you’re asking if you can edit richtext content without editing your richtext content manually, you could write some javascript?

Hello thank you for yours insights. However, I can’t share the preview link as the company i am working for isn’t allowing it. but i’ll try out the custom javascript part. thanks

Well for past few days, i have tried Js, condition filtering, almost everything that I can use to find the desired results I want to achieve but no luck. I keep hitting rock bottom. I can’t find a way to customize webflow CMS collection while displaying blogs. I know i am suppose to share the project link but my manager isn’t allowing it.

@Ashar_Naveed - You could rebuild an example of your issue in a new project for sharing purposes. Might help you get a resolution.