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Blog Posts are not getting indexed on Google

Hi - I have launched the website (without custom domain or hosting plan). The website address is

So far, I have really liked webflow and seriously considering $20 per month plan. I have never seen such an amazing website building platform before.

Now on to the question which is very important in my decision to buy the plan. I have noticed that none of my blog posts are getting indexed in google. I have tried it multiple time by submitting the blog post URL to the search console. But it keeps saying that the URL is unknown to the Google. Can someone please help me understand if this is normal? Do blog posts on webflow do not get indexed by google? I say this because my webpage is index. But strangely not my blog posts.

Please help. I am also sharing my read-only project link below.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Did you disable subdomain indexing in site settings > SEO by chance?

No. I did not. I am sure because you can not disable it in basic plan. Also, the website is already indexed “” It is just the blog posts which are not getting indexed. Any help is appreciated.

Your site looks very spammy to me. I would bet Google thinks so too.