Blog Post CMS has black text some paragraphs, grey in others

Hi everyone, I am new to the Webflow community. So far, I really love Webflow. I have a problem where my blog post on CMS has grey text in some paragraphs, and black in others. I want the rich text color to be ALL BLACK.

I read 2 other forums on how to make my blog post have black text consistently, but the other users did not have the same problem as me. My opacity is set at 100%, and even when I tried to go into my settings and make the CMS blog template text all black, some text are still grey.

Please take a look at my website. What am I missing here?

*Also, I did go into my CMS and edit the words themselves, and I tried to manually type out the blog post, instead of copy and pasting from my other website, or even ChatGPT lol, but that didn’t seem to remove the formatting.

You’ve styled the paragraphs in your Rich Text element class to be 60% opacity.

Interesting, it was set to 60% before. Now it’s set to 100% and the issue is still there under rich-text.

Wait nevermind, thanks for telling me that. I see it now. How do I change it? I am figuring that out.

This should help with the styling part-

Thanks Michael! Figured it out.

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