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Blog limitations if any?

If I design a Blog website using webflow can i see the number of viewrs, and other stats? and is it possible to add a recent stories section using webflow?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yes it is possible :grinning: - go to the element setting of your collection list (shortcut = D) and add A Sort “newest to oldest” and you are done.


Use google analitics Content Grouping (See data only for the /articles/*) (Or any other SEO software).

The main limitation for webflow blog => its hard to create blog with sub-categories (Hard to manage).

Anyway sub-categories usefull only for mega-blogs (With a lot of articles).

VS One category level is really easy to manage:

Wordpress (This two circles missing under Webflow)

Thanks alot man. But can we create multiple categories though ?

Yes. Look at the video under webflow university (Or youtube “webflow blog”). Very easy to manage categories (And set for each category - main color, thumbnail and so on).

One post --> More than 1one category ==> use this feild:

Please vote for this idea (sort list idea):

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