Blog layout issue

I’m having an issue with the layout of my blog. I took a screen capture to illustrate but it’s too large to upload. Essentially, the amount of text on the blog post (or other items) effects the height of the post and thus shifts things awkwardly on the page. The funny thing is that I was not encountering this problem when i first built my site. It displayed properly. If one blog post was longer than another, the next row of posts would drop down to the bottom of the longest post on the previous line and keep all posts on the new row together. I hope everyone is understanding what I am trying to communicate.

I took off all styling but I did add back a “clear both” to the rich text field hoping that would help but it did not. I also tried adding it to the blog title. I’m sure there is something I can do. I’ve not played around much with the clears but I am puzzled as to why it was displaying the way I want and then quit.

Here’s the read only link:

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