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Can't Edit Long Paragraphs That Fall Below Page Break

Hello, this may be a stupid question, but here goes.

I am currently editing the copy for the Terms and Conditions on my website and the large amount of copy flows beyond the page break. Unfortunately, I can’t scroll beyond this to see all of the content and add break and styling where appropriate.

I checked all of my overflows and they are all set to visible. I even tried setting them to scroll, and nothing. The editor has the scroll bar on the right and it moves when I scroll, but my page stays still.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @carubi a screenshot would help explain the issue :smile:

It would also be useful to have a link to your site in the designer so we can look for what might be causing it: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

When you mentioned that the scrollbar is moving but the page stays still, it sounds like something is set to Position: Fixed. You might want to look through some of your top-level containers and make sure this button isn’t pressed:

Thanks @callmevlad and @brryant for responding. The Position Fixed was the problem. I thought I’d checked everything, but I missed one thing. And I’m not a coder and was on a short deadline, so I think the stress got to me and made me a little careless. Everything is working fine now. Thanks again!

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