Blog CMS content with Links inside does not show up as link in the post

Have a blog CMS content and in the rich text of the blog I have content with links to external site. In the CMS editor those show up as “blue” links - however when I link to that CMS in the template page in the rich text block - they show up as flat text without any of theblue hyper links.
Am I doing this right or is there a better way.

You haven’t shared any links to your project or even screenshots- so it’s difficult to help you.

I’ll guess that by “CMS editor” you must be referring to either the designer CMS windows, or the CMS editor view that collaborators see ( and not the WYSIWYG editor view ).

In the pop-up CMS editors, you’re seeing raw content, with zero styling.

In the designer canvas, your standard WYSIWYG editor views, and in the published site, your site styling shows.

So from your description, you have your links styled as plain text. You’ll want to read the Webflow U courses on styling, and how to style the rich text element specifically.

Hard to fully understand but it sounds like you have some class applied to your RTE and it’s changing the style of those links.

Checkout the Advanced Styling section of this and see if it applies:

Also, maybe you’re getting effected by something like this:

sorry for the confusion.
This is a screenshot of what it looks like in the webflow editor in the rich text field

however when I publish it - it shows up just as bolded text - I cannot find a way to change the color or underline it.
this is a link to the blog:

It’s difficult to know what you’re doing without a project share link.

But inspecting your site:

You’re most likely inheriting the “All Links” styling.

If you stop inheriting it you’ll see that it returns to the default blue link:

Check those settings in the Designer.